Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Growing Stevia

Bag with Stevia seeds on top of clay pot with soil Today the Stevia seeds arrived from Germany, and for at start I have sown about one third of the seeds in a pot in my window sill. The instructions on the seed bag says that the seeds need light in order to germinate (see also this study from 1999), so I sprinkled the seeds on top of the moist soil, then covered the pot with see-through plastic to prevent the soil from drying out. See the illustrations from Medherbs.
You might also like to visit Iniman's stevia blog. He started a couple of months ago, and his plants look great.


Italman said...

Hey Klaus,
what's up with your Stevia seeds, any seedlings yet?

Klaus Seistrup said...

Last night I saw one tiny seedling, which is a bit earlier than I expected (the seed bag says “Keimdauer: 10-20 Tage bei etwa 22°C”). As I have never seen a stevia seedling before, it could easily be the seedling of some weed. However, the seedling looks a bit like a dandelion seedling, and since stavia and dandelion are related it just might be the first stevia plant to emerge. Time will tell.

Anyway, I expect to blog about it during the weekend. Hopefully more seeds will have germinated by then. :)


Sarah said...

This is the second Stevia blog that hasn't been active in over a year.. Still I would appreciate it if you could add my Stevia site to your blogroll:

Stevia Zone



Klaus Seistrup said...

I created this blog in order to gather information about stevia. The reason there haven't been any updates for a long time is that I haven't found any information that adds substantial new information. I will add stuff if I find some, and I will consider linking to your site.

Sarah said...

Fair enough :-)

Klaus, I discovered some interesting patents claiming that Stevia could be helping Osteoporosis - one example.

You can read the details on my site.

The Japanese hold international patents for many medicinal uses of Stevia rebaudiana..

Sarah said...

On my site you can read how the Japanese hold international patents on Stevia Rebaudiana's medicinal properties against Osteoporosis.

My site is pretty extensive on Stevia's medicinal properties, I think that's novel (I dove into the patents, also the Japanese ones)

Thanks again!

Klaus Seistrup said...

Sarah, you're right, you've compiled a wealth of information about stevia — I truly admire the work you've put into your site. I've added an announcement to my blog, and I send you my best wishes for your site.