Saturday, 11 August 2007

First stevia seedling

My first stevia seedling has emerged The rather poor photo on the left shows my first tiny stevia seedling, sown on 1st August, that emerged five days ago, and now sports its first — albeit very small — real leaves. Ungerminated seeds are visible here and there, shaming the seed bag's “Keimrate etwa 80%” (to be fair, the bag also reads “Ausreichend für mehr als 10 Pflanzen”).

/me sings ♪ Please grow for me ♫ … ☺


Italman said...

Hey klaus,

Klaus Seistrup said...

Unfortunately it looks like the seedling is dying (perhaps the soil is too moist?).

Fortunately it seems that another seed is germinating, I hope it will survive.

If both of the seedlings die, I will sow another batch — I don't give up easily. ;)