Saturday, 28 July 2007

Cultivation of Stevia in EU

The FAIR-3751 project intended to carry out a significant improvement of the cultivation technique by closely associating agronomists, process technologists and construction engineers. The executed work showed that a cultivation of Stevia rebaudiana in the eu is feasible. The following aims have been achieved:

  • development of an optimised cultivation technique which is economically adapted to european farms, notably through mechanisation
  • development of an adapted Stevia harvester
  • development of a green crop dressing line to facilitate near farm extraction
In autumn 2007 the improved website of University of Hohenheim will be launched.

The chances of being able to cultivate Stevia in southern european regions (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) are particularly good. Stevia is suitable to substitute the cultivation of tobacco for which financial support granted by the eu will end in 2010. “Stevia is able to increase the net operating income of tobacco farmers by up to 400 percent — without subsidies,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Jungbluth (2004).

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Unknown said...

I'm a portuguese Agronomical engeneer and I'm very interested in stevia and it's cultivation and comercialization. How can I learn more? Is there any project in course?